Lighting Audits

Essential Lighting Solutions performs a comprehensive investment grade lighting audit prior to submitting all lighting proposals. We use IESNA (Illuminating Engineering Society) standards at all times.


Steps of the Essential Lighting Solutions lighting audit:

  • Pre-audit meeting to discuss the existing lighting systems and any current issues the client may be experiencing.
  • Discuss the client’s safety procedures to ensure that our team is in compliance during our time on site.
  • Walk each area of the facility that is to be included in the lighting proposal.
  • Take detailed photos of the existing lighting system to ensure we have photographic documentation of wiring and mounting methods.
  • Request a copy of your power bill and have a discussion regarding your lighting hours of operation to ensure that we’re taking into account any seasonal changes to your operation.
  • We will look for areas where existing lighting can be re-positioned to improve light quality as well as possibly reduce the overall number of light fixtures in a given area.
  • Post-audit meeting to confirm all areas required for the lighting proposal have been audited and to answer any additional questions the client may have.

If your company would like a lighting audit performed, please click here.